The Miracle of the South

It was a great phenomenon on the life of the late Mayor Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. in the Municipality of Dinagat, part of the Province of Surigao del Norte, and now part of the Province of Dinagat Islands, the Mystical Islands – Province of Love, the 80th Province of the Republic of the Philippines, which confuses the mind of thousands of people from all walks of life. The perplexing events of his life and times had created multi-faceted interpretations and different views and perspectives that intertwine with mysteries and miracles.

It was then that within himself is a HIDDEN TREASURE which people wanted to dig on it, and wanted to know about his teachings, doctrine, philosophy and missionary works sanctified by his missioners in the prestigious and sacred association of PBMA, Inc., and because of purity, sanctity and divinity, he was respected and called as “DIVINE MASTER” by his people.

The “UNSEEN BEINGS” known as the MEMBERS OF THE WORLD SPIRITUAL DIVISION namely: Dr. Hugh Tovar, Capt. Caple Jurry and Gen. Lolo Adriano dela Concepcion are the SPIRITUAL BEINGS behind these extraordinary undertakings unfathomable to the highest comprehension of man that can only be seen in a single body of Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. Those spirits that inserted into his body can be distinguished through the changes of his face, personality, character, behavior as well as his language.

But the source of power he had and the strong spiritual foundation of his dream and aspiration which he aimed to achieve are those coming from the Spiritual World underneath Dinagat Islands, Cab-ilan Island (his birthplace) and Puyange, now San Jose, Dinagat Islands, Philippines. All these untold mysterious events which are interrelated with his life are gradually revealed under the will and authority of Divine Master.

This book entitled “THE MIRACLE OF THE SOUTH” is written not on the writer’s quest for truth but on his great obedience to the supreme authority from Divine Master Ruben E. Ecleo, Sr. and his spiritual comrades to write his life story which includes spiritual and material life, the places where the mysteries and miracles happened, and all concerned people who have relation with events of his life yesterday, today and tomorrow.

On November 29, 1983 at 7:00 o’clock in the evening at Presidential House, Baltazar, Dinagat, Surigao del Norte, Philippines, Divine Master and his spiritual comrades namely; Dr. Hugh Tovar, Capt. Caple Jurry ug Gen. Adriano de la Concepcion, who one after the other inserted in the material body of Divine Master and commanded the writer to write his life story.

The writer, because he has no formal education and experience on writing, refused to accept the mission given to him. But Divine Master said unto him. “Do you believe that all knowledge of men in this world is coming from God? Verily, I will tell you, if I am the one who commanded you to write, I am also the one completing on it.

“But why me Master?  I have no idea and knowledge on writing. Why you don’t give it to expert who is capable of doing the mission?” the writer explained.

“It is not a man who chooses his God because is only one; but it is God who chooses his people and they will be given power to understand, to articulate, knowledge, and he will bring them to his kingdom and live with him forever. I did not choose professionals because they knew that I did not completed my study in school. But remember that I am the Master, what I want are those who follow my commandments and not those who tell me what I am going to do.”

This book is the fruit of the painstaking endeavor of the writer based on the mandate and guidelines given to him by Divine Master which includes the reminders coming from the Members of the Spiritual Division who personally revealed their individual life story to the writer.  The story engulfs the holy place to be their abode where offspring of mysteries and miracles originates. The voices of the spirits from within the body of Divine Master can be heard out from his mouth and telling stories about their lives.

His life story is supported with witnesses coming from different part of the Philippines who can testify and prove the revelation of Divine Master about the mysteries happened on his birth, childhood, schooldays, adolescence, marriage life, and the times of his missionary works.

But for the information of those who believe or not on what has been written in this book, The Miracle of the South, which Divine Master itself made the title of his life story, is like a a great puzzle that filled with question about the spiritual intervention.

There are times of the life of Divine Master that have witnessed by many but with different perspective and testimony, and prove it that what they have witnessed is true and correct. But there are times that Divine Master and his spiritual comrades only know about everything, and commanded me to write the whole story for the knowledge and information of the people of the world even if they believe or not.

Generally, the spring of the Miracle of the South starts within the spiritual undertakings, the natural phenomenon of Dinagat Islands, Cab-ilan Island and Puyange, (San Jose) and the spiritual power acquired by his ancestors. The said spiritual power originates from the very secret source, the spring of all powers, the originator of all material and spiritual things, the creator of the nature. This power and authority to develop Puyange is entrusted to his ancestors, Francisco Ecle and Crispulo Ecleo.

Crispulo was then bequeathed his authority to his son, Jose, to toil the land, and with his wife, Justiniana, who bear his sixth (6) and youngest child, Ruben. The spiritual power and authority was handed down to Ruben, who fulfilled the prophecy in building the missionary kingdom with wife, Gov. Glenda B. Ecleo, his immediate family, and missioners under the roof of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated.

Ruben shares his power to missioners to heal material and spiritual sickness. His philosophy of righteousness and discipline, and obey the commandments of God, of the government and of the association brought him to the epitome of success and spangled him as “The South Mysterious Superstar”.